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Best Free NetSuite Chrome Extensions for 2023


NetSuite is a powerful cloud-based business management software that helps streamline operations for businesses of all sizes. However, as with any software, there are always ways to enhance its functionality and improve your overall productivity. One such way is by leveraging free NetSuite Chrome Extensions. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most useful Chrome extensions that can take your NetSuite experience to the next level

NetSuite Chrome Extensions
NetSuite field finder

By: Eric Lackey

The Field Finder NetSuite Chrome Extension is a powerful tool that revolutionizes the way you locate specific fields within saved searches. Instead of tediously navigating through menus and tabs, this extension introduces a streamlined search functionality that instantly finds the desired field with ease.  

By simply typing the field name or internal ID into the search bar, the Field Finder extension swiftly identifies and highlights the matching fields within NetSuite. This quick and efficient method saves considerable time and effort, enabling you to focus on the task at hand.
NetSuite Chrome Extension
One of the standout features of the Field Finder extension is its ability to handle records with multiple fields sharing the same name. This is a common scenario in NetSuite, and the extension excels at precisely pinpointing the specific field you are seeking, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in your work.
At TAC, we have found the Field Finder extension to be an indispensable asset. It simplifies our search processes, particularly when dealing with records with overlapping field names, ensuring that we locate the correct field promptly and avoid potential errors.
NetSuite advanced field help

By: Marcel Pestana

The NetSuite Advanced Field Help extension is an indispensable add-on that provides users with enhanced visibility into field details within the NetSuite platform. With this extension, you gain access to a wealth of valuable information, including the field ID, selectable values, internal IDs, and the currently selected internal ID.
One of the standout features of this extension is its ability to seamlessly handle custom fields. When viewing a custom field, the extension goes the extra mile by offering a convenient clickable link to the associated field. This not only saves time but also ensures a smoother workflow when working with customized elements in NetSuite.
By leveraging the NetSuite Advanced Field Help extension, you can effortlessly access vital field information directly from within the NetSuite interface. This eliminates the need for manual searches or referring to external documentation, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient user experience.
NetSuite Chrome Extension

By: David Smith

The NetSuite: Workbook Export Chrome extension significantly simplifies the process of exporting data from NetSuite using ODBC. Traditionally, gaining insight into the NetSuite Schema required using the Connect Browser and manually locating each individual field—a time-consuming process. However, this extension revolutionizes the workflow by allowing users to export NetSuite workbooks directly to formatted SQL, ready to be seamlessly integrated into any data management tool.
Asset 3 1
With the NetSuite: Workbook Export extension, the tedious task of manually finding and mapping fields is eliminated. Users can quickly generate SQL code that accurately reflects the structure of their NetSuite workbooks. This greatly enhances efficiency, as the exported S QL code can be effortlessly pasted into any data management tool, enabling seamless data analysis, reporting, or integration.

By: Michoel Chaikin

The NetSuite Field Explorer Chrome extension is a game-changer for anyone who has experienced difficulties in finding the internal ID of sublist fields within NetSuite. This powerful tool provides a seamless solution by allowing you to view the backend XML that constitutes the NetSuite record.
Traditionally, accessing the backend XML in NetSuite required adding “&xml=T” to the page URL, which was both time-consuming and prevented simultaneous viewing of the record. However, with the NetSuite Field Explorer, you can effortlessly expand the XML without leaving the page with just a single click.
NetSuite Chrome Extension
By eliminating the need for cumbersome URL modifications and enabling real-time viewing of both the record and its backend XML, this extension significantly enhances your productivity and efficiency within NetSuite. You can easily locate and identify the internal IDs of sublist fields, streamlining your development and customization efforts.

By: David Smith

The NetSuite search export functionality is a remarkable time-saving solution specifically designed for SuiteScript developers. This powerful tool enables instantaneous search exporting, supporting both SuiteScript 1.0 and SuiteScript 2.0. Its seamless integration with the NetSuite platform empowers developers at TAC, allowing them to effortlessly export search results and enhance their productivity.
For years, we have relied on the NetSuite search export tool as an indispensable component of our developer toolkit at TAC. Its consistent performance and robust capabilities have proven instrumental in expediting our development processes and driving efficient workflows. By providing immediate access to exported search data, this tool empowers our developers to quickly extract valuable insights and streamline their code optimization efforts.
NetSuite Chrome Extension
NetSuite scripted records

By: Marcel Pestana

At TAC, we rely on the NetSuite Scripted Records chrome extension during our company health checks to gain comprehensive visibility into the various processes operating on different records. By utilizing this plugin, we can effortlessly access crucial insights pertaining to scripts and workflows deployed within our system, enabling us to make informed decisions and optimize our operations.
With a simple click to open the extension, a wealth of information becomes readily available. This includes the User Event Scripts, Client Scripts, and Workflows associated with any given record. The plugin goes beyond mere listing and provides additional details such as script deployment status and the ability to preview the script file, further enhancing our understanding of the system’s functionality.
NetSuite Chrome Extension
By leveraging this plugin, we unlock the power to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of our scripts and workflows across the entire system. The visibility it offers allows us to identify potential bottlenecks, streamline processes, and make data-driven improvements to maximize our productivity and ensure smooth operations.

In conclusion

NetSuite Chrome Extensions have revolutionized the way businesses and users interact with the NetSuite platform, offering a seamless and enhanced experience. These powerful tools provide a range of functionalities that streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and unlock valuable insights. From automating repetitive tasks to simplifying data entry and enabling real-time analytics, NetSuite chrome extensions have become an invaluable asset for organizations leveraging the NetSuite ecosystem

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