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NetSuite Health-Checks: What They Are And Why You Need Them

Efficient management of ERP software is crucial for the ongoing success of any organization. In addition to a well-structured implementation approach, it is essential to periodically enhance a critical system like NetSuite’s Cloud ERP to maximize results. Without proper management and maintenance, businesses may struggle to achieve the desired return on investment, even if the initial execution was successful. Therefore, it is imperative to prioritize the effective management of NetSuite, ensuring that it evolves with the changing needs of your organization and continues to deliver optimal outcomes. By investing in regular enhancements and proactive maintenance, you can ensure that your NetSuite implementation remains a valuable asset that drives your business forward.

NetSuite Health-Checks

What is a NetSuite Health-Check

NetSuite Health-Check encompasses the comprehensive analysis and evaluation of NetSuite’s performance within a business organization. This thorough process involves examining the existing implementation and configuration, identifying any barriers hindering optimal utilization, and presenting practical solutions to address current challenges and issues. By conducting a NetSuite Health Check, organizations gain a clear understanding of their system’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive continuous enhancements for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

By leveraging the expertise of a NetSuite Solution Provider like TAC Solutions Group, you can harness the power of a NetSuite Health Check to uncover potential areas of risk and identify untapped advantages within your system. This comprehensive assessment enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the diverse capabilities offered by NetSuite that may currently remain underutilized by your organization. With the insights garnered from the Health Check, our team provides you with a practical and actionable report, outlining recommended measures for improvement.

What is the Significance of a NetSuite Health-Check

While NetSuite procedures adhere to industry best practices, it allows for customization to accommodate the specific needs of each company. As a result, many NetSuite users make modifications to their setups. This may involve the utilization of custom records, scripts, custom fields, and workflows. However, over time, it can become challenging to keep track of which customizations are being used or are still necessary. Unchecked adjustments of this nature can lead to a chaotic environment and hinder user experience. Furthermore, issues such as process bottlenecks, lack of transparency, limited productivity gains, or a disproportionate increase in managerial expenses may arise.

To address these challenges and enhance productivity and efficiency, it is crucial to organize and streamline your ERP system through a NetSuite Health Check. This process identifies areas of performance that can be improved, allowing you to focus on optimizing key areas. By conducting a thorough review, cleaning up unnecessary customizations, and implementing best practices, you can achieve a more streamlined and efficient NetSuite setup. The NetSuite Health Check serves as a guide to identify and prioritize areas for improvement, enabling you to enhance the overall performance of your ERP system.

How Do I Know When I Should Perform a Health-Check

At TAC, we frequently encounter companies that benefit from a NetSuite Health-Check when one or more of the following scenarios apply:

  1. Businesses realize that their current NetSuite system is not effectively supporting their operational needs, leading to the reliance on manual processes outside the system.
  2. The initial requirements established during the implementation phase are no longer being fulfilled or have undergone significant modifications.
  3. Enterprises introduce new business lines, products, services, or expand into additional markets, necessitating an evaluation of the NetSuite setup to ensure it aligns with the evolving business landscape.
  4. Organizations that have been using NetSuite for some time recognize the need to enhance their processes to keep up with evolving industry standards and best practices.
  5. Companies acknowledge that their NetSuite instance requires improvements in terms of assets, regulations, and validations to ensure compliance and efficiency.
  6. Business restructures, reorganizations, or new legislative requirements create the need for reassessing and optimizing the NetSuite implementation.
  7. There is a strong desire to accelerate the return on investment of the ERP system, seeking ways to maximize its benefits and extract greater value from the NetSuite platform.

    By recognizing these indicators, TAC assists companies in conducting a comprehensive NetSuite Health Check to identify areas for improvement and implement targeted enhancements, ensuring that NetSuite remains a valuable asset that effectively supports their evolving business needs.

TAC’s Health-Check Approach

At TAC, our core methodology drives our approach to Optimizations/Health Checks. It defines our identity and underpins our belief in delivering solutions that truly align with our clients’ business processes and deliver tangible value. By dedicating time to actively listen and learn, we can tailor NetSuite to your specific needs, guaranteeing that our solution not only meets your business goals but also generates measurable results.

Our approach consists of the following key steps:

  1. Review Existing People & Processes: We invest time to deeply understand our clients’ businesses, including their objectives, challenges, and unique requirements. This comprehensive understanding forms the foundation of our optimization efforts.
  1. Gather Requirements & Analysis: Our expert consultants conduct a thorough analysis of our clients’ business processes, identifying operational problems and pain points. We assess the need for customization, process improvements, automation, controls, segregation of roles and responsibilities, validations, and connectors.
  1. Provide a Clear and Concise Report: After performing an in-depth analysis, TAC prepares a well-structured report that offers clear and concise suggestions. Our recommendations follow a methodical approach to enhancing NetSuite, often involving the enablement of new features, modifications to current processes and standardization, and adjustments to existing customizations. We review this report and timelines with our clients, seeking their approval before proceeding to the build and automation stage.
  1. Build Technology & Automation to Suit Your Needs: Our team of experts utilizes industry best practices to implement the solution efficiently and effectively. We leverage our technical expertise to build customized technology solutions and automation that perfectly align with your requirements.
  1. Go-Live & Support: We don’t just stop at implementation. We provide ongoing support to ensure that the solution remains optimized and aligned with your evolving needs. Our commitment to your success continues well beyond the go-live phase, offering comprehensive support for a seamless experience.

Our team of expert consultants adheres to a meticulous approach in crafting solutions that consistently yield the highest quality results. Our methodology revolves around several pivotal activities, each of which is focused on achieving excellence:

  1. Ensuring Flexibility and Scalability: We prioritize developing solutions that are flexible and scalable, capable of accommodating your evolving business needs. By designing solutions that can adapt and grow alongside your organization, we enable long-term success and minimize the need for frequent system modifications.
  1. Embracing Long-Term Solutions and Innovations: Our methodology places a strong emphasis on delivering long-term solutions that leverage the latest innovations in the industry. By staying up-to-date with emerging technologies and best practices, we ensure that your solution remains future-proof, enabling you to take advantage of the most advanced tools and capabilities.
  1. Adding Value and Prioritizing User-Friendliness: We understand that true success lies in solutions that add tangible value to your business. Our consultants are dedicated to creating solutions that optimize processes, streamline workflows, and enhance overall efficiency. We also prioritize user-friendliness, ensuring that the solution is intuitive, easy to navigate, and promotes a seamless user experience, ultimately driving user adoption and satisfaction.

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